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Here at the ReStore we often get large donations of new items from companies. Pallets of nails, Boxes of Plumbing fitting, cartons of electrical outlets, lumber, etc. We have created a new sales approach called First Alert. If you are a Contractor, Landlord or anyone that would like to make purchases in large quantities for pennies on the dollar, we would like to invite you to join First Alert. Just fill out the form below and we will email or text you any time we get a large donation of construction related items. The text will tell you what the donation is and also provide a price point for a multiple item purchases.

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Check out the new items below the form


New Mass Quantity Items

Pallets of Tile

Lots of assorted tile styles and colors



What's Happening Griffith ReStore

Items for Page: There are no posts that match the selection criteria.

First Look Griffith

Many "One of a Kind" items - Grab them before someone else does!

ULTRA flooring

Our Griffith ReStore has ULTRA flooring 

Queensize leather footboard and frame

Our Griffith ReStore has a nice queensize  leather footboard and frame

Kitchen Set with Island

Our Griffith ReStore has a beautiful kitchen (with Island not seen in picture) for just $950

Glass Table w/6 Chairs

Griffith ReStore has a beautiful glass table with stone base and six (6) chairs

Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nook at our Griffith ReStore


Our Griffith ReStore has a nice, comfortable couch just waiting for a home

Fuzz Ball

Fuzz ball for the whole family to play for just $195 at our Griffith ReStore


Nice cabinets each at $70 at our Griffith ReStore


What's Happening Merrillville ReStore

Items for Page: There are no posts that match the selection criteria.

First Look Merrillville

Don't miss those "Special Items", they go quickly!

Nice Set of Chairs!

Perfect for your Man or Woman Cave!!

High Top Table

Come in and grab this amazing table set before it is gone!


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