Did you know there is a sale at the ReStore every single day?

The Gary ReStore and The Merrillville ReStore both have ongoing sales every day we are open. When you walk into the ReStore you will see a poster that has 3 color blocks and a Discount percentage under each block. When we get an item at the ReStore we start with a discount of at least 25% below the normal sales price. Many items are donated from stores and they are brand new. After 30 days an additional 20% discount is offered off the tagged price. After 60 days the discount is increased to 40% off the tagged price. After 90 days the item is discounted 60% off the tagged price.


We do not re-tag the items every month because we use a rotating color discount system. This keeps labor down so we can offer better deals to our customers. Just look at the tag color and then look at the poster on the wall and it will tell you what the discount percentage is. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask the staff at the ReStore or call Gary (219-923-7265) Ext 308 or Merrillville (219-940-3216). We are here to help you.

What's Happening at Griffith ReStore

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First Look Griffith

Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Bruce hardwood flooring (305 Sq. ft.) at $899.99. Brand new beautiful flooring.

Wicker Chair

Very nice brand new wicker chair

Kids Cots

Kids Sleeping Cots 

3 Pc. Bamboo Set

Nice three-piece bamboo set

Triple Mirror Dresser

Very beautiful triple mirror dresser for $350

Area Rugs

Various area rugs




Very nice comfortable couch is waiting for a home

Armoire Set

Armoire set for $125

Table with 6 Chairs

Table with six (6) chairs

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What's Happening at Merrillville ReStore

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First Look Merrillville

Lane cedar chest

gorgeous shape $150


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